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$300,000+ device order from new integration partner, Polyaire.

10 Aug 2021


  • Polyaire places an order with Zimi worth over $300,000

  • Polyaire’s Airtouch to manage Zimi’s devices

Zimi Ltd (ASX:ZMM) (“Zimi”, the “Company”) is delighted to receive a purchase order from Polyaire Ltd (“Polyaire”) for 5,000 devices worth over $300,000 (“the purchase order”) that is expected to be delivered by December 2021. Polyaire has enhanced its Airtouch smart air conditioning system so all Polyaire customers can use this system to control Zimi devices in their homes. Having initially purchased devices from Zimi’s distributor, GSM-Electrical (“Trader”), Polyaire has scaled to become a distributor itself resulting in the purchase order being executed directly with the Company.

Polyaire is a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of quality equipment for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and fittings in Australia. Headquartered in South Australia, Polyaire has sales in excess of $100m pa and estimates its products go into over 50,000 dwellings each year.

The Zimi-Airtouch integration, which expands the available ecosystem, represents an important part of Zimi’s strategy. Polyaire is the first distributor to do this and Zimi expects to announce further integration collaborations moving forward.


Polyaire’s Managing Director, Aemel Nordin, commented: ‘Smart home automation is a logical addition to our air conditioning business. We’ve been impressed by what Zimi has achieved and are convinced that all our customers value the ability to control their HVAC and home appliances through a single system.’

Zimi’s CEO, Brett Savill, commented: ‘Polyaire has a terrific position in the Australian HVAC market and we’re proud to be working with them.’

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