About Zimi

Our focus is on sustainable technology that works for you and your environment. We’ve taken out the complexity of connectivity, simplifying technology to compliment your behaviour & lifestyle. We simply want you to give you the power to control what you’d like, how you’d like, when you’d like.

We partner with industry leaders who share our passion for creative solutions that embrace better living. Our vision is of human-centric technology that develops exponentially, simplifying, personalising, saving costs, improving safety and making our environment more valuable.

To deliver our vision, we created the Zimi app which works in conjunction with Powermesh and a range of other products made by leading manufacturers in their field. Please browse our website to learn more about the endless possibilities … www.zimi.life

Zimi is an ASX-listed business that traces its foundation to the Gerard family whose electrical tradition spans back to 1907 with over 100 years of supplying quality electrical products to millions of Australians that are still used everyday.

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