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Future-Proofing your home with Smart Home Automation

25 Jun 2021

By Brett Savill, CEO Zimi Ltd.

The latest research from the Housing Industry of Australia (the industry’s peak body) paints an unusual picture of the current market: detached housing starts are up 34% in 2020-2021 to 137,170; but multi-units will decline by 12% to 61,360 in the same period.1  A sustained increase will only occur once builders are confident that immigration will resume to previous levels. Nevertheless, prices are at an all-time-high and this raises the question of what developers and homeowners can do today to maintain and grow the value of their properties. A short answer is smart home automation.

The Australian Smart Home Market will be AU$ 6.2 billion by 2027 growing at a staggering CAGR of 13%.The reasons are straightforward: our cars are smart, our phones is smart, and our houses should be, too. With the advent of COVID, we are all spending more time at home and many of us need it to be more like an office. That will not change. Automation is thus a long-term trend and a way to future-proof the biggest investment we will make in our lives.

Most people start with lighting, powerpoints, blinds, and fan-controllers. The best of these wireless automation devices are easy to install and configure. Google, Amazon and Apple are putting significant resources behind smart speakers and more importantly behind the artificial intelligence to power our homes. The immediate benefit of smart home automation is flexibility, personalisation and convenience: scenes ensure multiple lights, blinds, power points etc are controlled by a single command that can be activated by voice, touch or remotely through an App. Secondly, smart devices reduce costs and make the home safer: energy monitoring means homeowners know what energy each device consumes and can tailor their power costs accordingly; alerts signal if devices are not working or, for example, if the garage door has been left open.

Experience in the USA suggests automation can add $50,000 to the value of a four-bedroom home. The best devices on the market are simple to use, can be upgraded remotely, and cost only a few thousand dollars, a fraction of what they cost twenty years ago. Thus, smart home automation personalises your experience, reduces your costs, and improves safety as well. The net effect is greater, more sustainable value to your biggest investment whether you are a developer or a homeowner. In short, it future-proofs your home.    

Who are we?

Zimi specialises in connecting electrical products to create smarter living and working spaces. We have a complete family of connected products for new and existing homes, offices, and buildings. We are Australia’s leading Electrical Internet of Things provider distributed by industry leaders Trader, Harvey Norman Commercial, Steel-Line Garage Doors & Beacon Lighting.


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