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Voice control = hands-free convenience

2 Nov 2020
Zimi Powermesh voice control hands-free convenience

In 2020, there are over six million smart home speakers in Australia, with adoption growing faster than in the US.Zimi Powermesh Dimmer works with the Google Assistant for voice control

Once a thing of the future, voice control is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to control things in the home and is a driving force behind the growth of the smart home market.

You can now play music or watch tv, get the latest weather & news, shop online or get directions without needing to lift a finger.

What if you could control everything in your home with just your voice – your lights, blinds, fans, appliances and garage door? Well, you can with the Powermesh family of connected electrical devices which all work with the Google Assistant.

Zimi Powermesh Fan Controller works with the Google Assistant for voice control

No matter what your age, you too can enjoy the affordable luxury of voice controlling your entire home, from the comfort of your couch or anywhere in the world, simply using your smart phone.

Unlike tapping a light switch, using your voice involves no touching, making it a more hygienic way of control.

Visit to learn more about how easy it is to control your home with your voice.

Zimi Powermesh Switches work with the Google Assistant for voice controlZimi Powermesh Power Point works with the Google Assistant for voice control








Note: this is part of a series of articles about Zimi and we don’t doubt you’ll quickly see why Quantify have chosen to acquire them.

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